15 things you should THROW away right now

15 things you should THROW away right now
15 things you should THROW away right now

15 things you should THROW away right now

Most times we have a lot of stuffs in our closet but yet most of the items we regularly use are often “one nation” – things we repeatedly use. Here is a list of items you should dispose immediately to make your abode clean, free and healthy.


1Overused, undersize or oversized underwear

This is quite common among ladies, you go to the market buy this perfect bra and you rock it so much till it’s worn out. For some funny reason you still keep it in your wardrobe as a what? Back up bra or just you feel some certain feeling of perfect attachment? Snap out girl, if it is old and no longer flatter your body let it go.  Some ladies buy the wrong size, if it doesn’t fit, return them, if that fails look out for someone to give. Don’t stock them up in your wardrobe.

2Overused Sponges

Either dish sponges or bath sponges are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. A good rule every day spread the sponge in sun after use —second rule throw away if it has been used for over 2 months — to keep your kitchen and bathroom sanitized.

3Tattered Towels

Unless you’re planning on using them one last time for some weekend major clean up, your shabby bath and kitchen towels have got to go. Not only can they make your place look less-than put together, after time, they can grow mildew. Yuck!

4Expired Medication

Yea, you bought that artesunate malaria drug from a pharmacy downtown; I understand your plight, if it’s past its expiration date, good riddance. Along with occupying much-needed space in your medicine cabinet, taking expired pills could do you more harm than good. Just make sure you dispose them properly to avoid someone else use it unknowingly.


5Expired Spices

We all love hanging on to sauce containers for possible re-use but the truth is, they’re taking up valuable fridge and kitchen storage space. So check the expiration dates on those old spices and condiments containers then handle accordingly.

6Obsolete electrical items

Since there’s always a chance we may need them later, it’s only natural to want to hang onto some of these electrical utilities. However, if you haven’t the faintest clue what that curious charger or plug belongs to, let it go.


7Unworn Clothes

You own a mix and match ankara dress. You have a lot of great memories together. But be honest, you haven’t worn it in over a year and you probably aren’t planning to do so again. If the same can be said for most of your wardrobe, you’ve got some serious selling and donating to do. Certainly an NGO or even your faith welfare department will be glad to receive them. Kindly ensure you dry clean the clothing before giving them out.


8Old makeup and creams

Like it or not, most of your beauty products do have a short lifespan — especially eye makeup. Sort through all of your cosmetics and toss any foundations, creams, powders, eyeliner, mascara, nail polish, lip gloss that are broken, cracked or has lost its appeal. It’s time to toss them off. Keeping them will lead to frequently smudged makeup bag which is obviously not tidy.


9Cracked/Mismatched dinnerware

Even if you start out with a full set of dinnerware, at some point the pieces break, or get misplaced. And chances are your cabinet is stocked with a mix of free coffee mugs you’ve collected at a party function here and there. Take a few minutes to clear out the unused dinnerware you don’t like very much and make room for a few fresh pieces.



Hey you, when was the last time you got a new toothbrush? I wonder how someone will use a brush morning and night for over 3 months without changing to a new one.

I got friends who spend money partying every weekend but yet haven’t changed their toothbrushes in months

Excuse me, stop what you’re doing. If you can make a dentist appointment, awesome! If you can’t swing by the convenience store to get a new toothbrush, great! Make good dental hygiene a priority this year.


11Newspapers & Books

Most Nigeria fathers and some young adults love to read daily newspapers. They really don’t care what happens to the newspaper after they are done with it. The kids are yet to secure a contract with that puff-puff or akara seller. Invariably, they stack up over 300 daily newspapers excluding magazines and other books scattered around.

Listen, unless you’re looking to fill an empty bookshelf, the bulk of them need to go. Pick out newspapers you might want to refer to for research or reference purpose, keep your favorite bestselling books you can’t do away it, get a shredder to shred unwanted confidential documents and then recycle the rest.


12Bad Gadget

Look, your unused desktop computer might look super-duper dope in your apartment, but do you really need them since you now have an Apple laptop?

Why would you hold on to android phone with shattered screen when you now have an iPhone 7? (hey, I use an android phone)
Do yourself a favor and start the year by recycling any outdated or broken gadget. Sell it on some online market place, give it out or simply throw it away.


13Plastic bags and nylons

Refusing to throw a away or reuse a fancy carrier bag you got from an expensive boutique could be a sign of poverty mentality

If you haven’t started reusing your bags for your grocery shopping, no best time but now. Failure to follow this advice, you will end up having tonnes of the nylons, plastic bags in your kitchen and store. Not only can your stash of plastic shopping bags or nylon grow out of control quickly, they’re seriously hurting the environment. Let’s keep our environment clean, it’s our civic responsibility.



If you have bottles scattered around you kitchen or store, there is no best time to dispose them but now. They are injurious if broken. Stay safe!


15Home Decors

After replacing home decoration items like a bad wall clock, broken flower vase, old wall frames that has over stayed in your apartment, dispose them immediately. Some African families often want to keep old items for memories sake. Use a garage or store instead of your living rooms.

Stay fresh. Be Clean. Stay healthy


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