4 reasons to avoid that front desk job

4 reasons to avoid that front desk job
4 reasons to avoid that front desk job

This is one of the most popular job offers you may find on most online job boards. Probably second to customer service job offers. Of course, even a small company of five with a decent office needs a pretty young lady to handle visitors or customers.

The job doesn’t pay much but it is mostly sought after by young ladies who want begin their journey into the labour market. However, it is often readily available to young women who perhaps are still in school or just concluded an undergraduate degree program.

Tasks can be done with little or no training. It often entails tasks such as placing and answering phone calls, greeting guests, scheduling appointments, signing in guests and generally acting as a liaison between staff and clients.

Front desk officer job is a good job but it comes with it’s own disadvantages. Are you planning to take one offer soon, here are 4 reasons to avoid that front desk job.

Easy replacement

A front desk officer can easily be replaced in a very short period. This is simply because it does not require technical skills. This makes it quite easy for an employer to find a quick replacement for this position.


No career path

There is no clear career path. There is no company ladder to climb as a front desk officer. The career starts and stops at the same spot – Front desk.


Low pay

Front desk officers are often always at the bottom log of salary earners of any given company. Well, unless there’s probably something going on between the employer and the front desk lady. Lol.


Waste of time

For people with concrete career focus, the period of doing this job pending when you land that your dream job may eventually not count for relevant work experience. If you’ve got a corporate ambition with technical expertise, my opinion is that you think twice before getting caught up in a wrong rat race.

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