5 certifications that can land you your dream job

5 certifications that can land you your dream job
5 certifications that can land you your dream job

There are many professional institutions in Nigeria that regulate different professions ranging from accounting to engineering and science. Some of these institutions also administer certification examinations to members depending on their charter. Passing these exams is seen as symbol of professional accomplishments and gives credence to the competence of the individuals who have passed the examinations. Here are 5 certifications that can land you your dream job.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) provides one of the most sought after certification in Nigeria. ICAN has maintained high standards and credibility since establishment.

If you want to be a top player in the finance sector, I’d advise you register with the institute to get equipped with profound financial knowledge.

Institution website: www.icanig.org


Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) seeks to regulate the practice of human resource management in Nigeria. This program is particularly interesting because it accommodates any field of course. Whether science, engineering, humanities etc, you can pursue a professional certification in this field.

Institution website: www.cipmnigeria.org


Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria was established in 1982 to establish standards for individuals who seek to become professional tax practitioners or administrators. The institute seeks to raise, maintain and regulate the standard of taxation practice in Nigeria. This professional body accommodate student from any field of study.

Institution website: www.citn.org


Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers was established to create standards for people in the security and investment industry: This institute is a recognized body where aspiring stock brokers can be certified. Are you a young entrepreneur, undergraduate or graduate and you having an interest in the stock market? This is the certification for grabs.

Institution website: www.cisnigeria.com


The Nigeria Society of Engineers was established to carter for engineering professionals. Are you an engineer? Then this is the certification you should pursue.

Institution website: www.nse.org.ng


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