5 reasons Nigerian couples go a little extra for their wedding.

5 reasons Nigerian couples go a little extra for their wedding.
5 reasons Nigerian couples go a little extra for their wedding.

5 reasons Nigerian couples go a little extra for their wedding.It’s a season of wedding boom and absolutely everyone in the industry smiles to the bank every other weekend. It has become a trend for couples to have a lit wedding party with having their well-wishers posting pictures with their hash tag on instagram but the question remains, why do newly engaged couple spend a little extra for their big day.
Having pondered so much on it and reminiscing on the experience I gathered while working with a celebrity wedding invitation store at Victoria Island several years back I could only deduce the following reasons which you may agree to or not.

• Media Pressure: The social media space is here to stay and has no doubt eroded on some of our values as a nation. The abuse of social media is most times appalling, cyber bulling is so common and not a big deal to many of us. A platform where everyone is a judge in another man’s personal life, a place where people display a controlled content of their lives to deceive the gullible and uninspired who begins to compare and loose his/her inner peace. I deviated a bit from the main subject, I know just needed to do some preaching. Tongue out! The secret desire of most couples to feature on popular blogs/TV like BellaNaijaWeddings, WeddingDigestNaija, Ovation International Magazine, Metrofile and various other media platforms. A wedding with party will likely earn a feature if it is characterized with razzmatazz, “litness’’ and grandeur. Btw you sure know glitz and razzmatazz don’t come cheap, yes you spend a little extra for that effect.

• Wedding Planners: Who knew them a few years ago? The industry is worth billions now. A wedding Planner depending on experience, delivery and connections would rake in hundreds of thousands to millions at every planned event after upselling their clients in some cases. If you decide to employ their services you cough out more than when you get a wedding coordinator who do help coordinate your big day and besides the more celebrity wedding vendors on board the more you splurge.

• Vendor Pressure: Be informed that most wedding planners have cliques, they work with their trusted hands to get repeated success story of their jobs to land them continuous referrals. So if you get a wedding planner who is a high earner or probably done some few good jobs you do have to pay a little more for that resume. The planner would bring in her clique of supposedly good hands who do make you spend a little extra which is not bad anyways.

• Show off mentality: This new parlance in Naija, “pepperdem”. Some people choose to show off on their wedding day to impress or oppress their haters. Having your dream wedding is absolutely a good idea only if you consider spending within your budget short of that you do splurge more. Why would you have your wedding gown imported when there are so many Nigeria Fashion Designers that can make awesome wedding dresses? If you want a particular celebrity/brand clothe maker, a popular musician/mc to add special effects to your day be sure ready to spend more.

• Wannabe Life: Nollywood act Toyin Abraham came to my mind, you get the drift yea! Most couple particularly ladies give a fake representation of their lives to their friends and associates. So after attending all the lit wedding parties and spending so much on expensive asoebi delivered by high taste fabric merchants you do want to compete with your other friends and do the same or even tries to outshine them depending on the level of your confidence. No inspired person lives a fake life. Following trends of a luxury wedding may cost you more than money. It could strain relationships too.

Bottom line: To splurge or not to splurge is ultimately a personal decision after all it’s your day and you won’t redo your big day, well that’s my prayer for you all. However, remember this event is for you, your friends and family, not your vendors, and certainly not for the Medias.
Therefore, be aware of the pitfalls, like vendors trying to upsell you at every turn. As shrewd consumers, we have to banish the fear factor and strike a balance between Instagram perfect and real life. After all, there is marriage after the wedding and we don’t want to keep servicing loan several years after exchanging marital vows.

We do love to get your reviews and comments! Xoxo.


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