5 useful skills every woman should learn

Beautiful bride in white and peach engagement make up
Beautiful bride in white and peach engagement make up

Skill acquisition is important for self-development. A person who devotes time towards self-development will most likely become self-reliant and independent. I did a quick research and realized there are evolving trends ladies can make quick cash from. And yes, I’d love to share them with you guys. Here are 5 useful skills every woman should learn.

5Accessorizing aso-oke, ankara fabrics and turban caps

If you are the crafty type, you can add some panache to your style by accessorizing aso-oke, ankara fabrics and turban caps. You can do this with inexpensive pearls and stones. You can even make this a business.

4Pedicure and Manicure

Lot of ladies want their nails polished most times. If you are among them, you can save money by learning how to do manicure and pedicure. Good thing is, you could be an expert within a few weeks of mastery.

You can earn some side income by providing this service to these women. I’d recommend this for young ladies who find themselves in and around female university hostels or similar environments. You can make extra income with this by being the go-to person for manicure and pedicure service.

3Skin Care – Cream Mixing, Facials and Spa

No woman wants a dull skin. Most uptown women would spend as much as they can to ensure they’ve got a glowing skin. If you love to have a glowing skin, you could save money by learning how to go about it. You could as well tap into this thriving skin care business. If you can make a woman’s skin blameless everytime, she will definitely stick to you like “an addict”.

You can learn to do facials and mix good natural skin-friendly creams to earn extra income.

2Wig Making

Time is money. Urban ladies value time and simply would not want to spend most of it at the salon. They want to spend less time at the salon and still look awesome.

Wonder at times how a lady can wear four different hairstyle in a month? It is the power of wigs. You can learn how to convert good quality weaves into wigs with good hair closures to do the magic.  You can turn this also into a business.

1Make Up and Gele Tying

This is an old timer which can never go out of trend. Ladies, with YouTube tutorials you can learn how to do flawless make overs and tie exciting gele for women. Every woman seek to be the centre of attraction at any owanbe function. Of course, this will require them to get the service of a good make up artist. You can help yourself or provide this service as business.


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