Amazing bucket list for Nigerian couples who drink

Amazing bucket list for Nigerian couples who drink
Amazing bucket list for Nigerian couples who drink
  1. Amazing bucket list for Nigerian couples who drink.

Couples who drink together stay together. Just drink responsibly, my friends. If you and your significant other love to enjoy a cocktail, beer, or good glass of wine, this article is for you.

According to a University of Michigan’s survey, it concluded that couples with similar drinking habits are happier than those who don’t.

There’s a popular saying often used to qualify the surge and success of bar and pub businesses in Nigeria. “When people are happy, they drink. When people are sad, they drink”. This connotes that couples who drink when experiencing strong emotions are more likely to bond together.

Drinking together can also help couples express themselves by having a honest, no-bullshit discussion. However, drinking together shouldn’t be a precursor for having serious discussions in relationships as they may backfire when taken too far.

We have created the ultimate bucket list for couples who love to drink together. Hey guys, try to cross all of these items off your list this coming year. You’ll be the most hydrated pair in town!

Here are 20 amazing bucket list for Nigerian couples who drink.

  1. Invent your own signature cocktail together.
  2. Drink a mix of your favorite brands.
  3. Play a drinking game.
  4. Learn how to make your own beer or wine.
  5. Visit a pub together
  6. Buy a nice bottle of wine and have a night in.
  7. Spend an evening at a local bar.
  8. Go wine tasting.
  9. Watch a comedy after a few drinks.
  10. Take a tour of a beer factory.
  11. Make each other your favorite drinks, perfectly.
  12. Get bottle service at a club.
  13. Conduct a whiskey tasting at home.
  14. Go drunk to a wedding
  15. Gift each other a nice bottle of alcohol for a holiday.
  16. Splurge on an expensive wine at a restaurant.
  17. Go to a museum tipsy.
  18. Make a boozy desert together.
  19. Do karaoke at home after boozing
  20. Have drunk sex.

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