Bucket list of goals before you clock the big 3-0

Bucket list of goals before you clock the big 3-0
Bucket list of goals before you clock the big 3-0

Don’t let life slip by without pursuing meaningful and rewarding experiences. We’re here to help you start by sharing our bucket list of goals to set for yourself right now. Set yourself up for good success by establishing a timeline, giving yourself a budget, and saving up to achieve. Here are a few activities you should get involve with before you hit the big 3-0

1Volunteer for a cause you love

Think about the topics that you’ve had strong opinions about. It can be anything in the world, from prison welfare to cancer research to humanitarian relief i.e poverty alleviation, child abuse, maintaining human dignity even to animal care. Once you’ve identified one or more research organizations or NGOs involved and dedicated to these causes, don’t wait any further, sign up to be a volunteer. It’s one of the most gratifying and soul fulfilling experiences. Trust me; there is always a pleasant reward for caring and looking out for others in cash or kind.

2Conquer a fear

Every human has a fear, wonder what mine is, I can’t stand cats! I know of a friend whose fear is high heels shoes, she just can’t wear them.Yours could be heights or spiders. No matter how big or how small yours is, make it a mission to conquer that fear once and for all. You can consult with a friend who has overcome hers or a professional who deals with phobias or just deal with it yourself. Don’t let anything hold you back from enjoying exciting moments that will come your way.

3Plan a Golden Birthday party or any Party et al’

A Golden Birthday is when you turn the age of the day you were born. For example, turning 25 on the 25th of the month. Even if yours has passed, it’s likely you know someone whose hasn’t. Offer to plan the party, because, after all, Golden Birthdays don’t exist past 31! You can also plan a friend bridal shower, baby shower, get together party. Any party at all that gets you all the attention from the guests.

4Take a road trip with your girlfriends

Have you ever thought of traveling inter-state in the country or outside the country, while not consider doing a road trip, Yaass! You read right, do a road trip and ditch the plane. For example travel by road from Lagos to Ghana or Lagos to Calabar for a festival, tourism, visitation, party. All you need to do is gather your few good crews, pick a destination and hop in a dependable car. It’s really not about where you are going but the memories you will share with people who add colours to your life!

5Join a fitness community

When your body is in good shape, it boost your self-confidence and other possibilities are endless. You can fit into perfect sizes of fun new clothes, you have more stamina to take on challenges, and you feel motivated to try anything new. Become a member of a sports team or workout group and work toward a common fitness goal. Leaning on others for motivation and learning how to encourage others is a skill you can take with you anywhere.

6Make a family recipe

Every family and ethnic group has that one recipe that’s been treasured and handed down for generations. Find out what that recipe is in your own family and try to replicate it. You wonder what mine is called Ikokore, don’t bite your tongue please! It’s an oily native food from the south west region of the country. The experience will be even more special if you do it with someone who’s mastered it before.

7Learn a new language

There are so many resources for people who want to pick up a new language, from online classes to local programs to apps. Once you’ve got the hang of it, the next step is to travel to a country where it’s spoken! Or look for someone who speaks the language fluently so you don’t lose touch of it. Show me that person who won’t love being able to converse with someone in their native tongue.

8Visit a city you’ve never been to

Some of us have fantasized for years some countries we do love to visit, true or false? Please darling, make it happen! This is can be local or international: it’s completely your choice. For an even more liberating and deeper experience, do it solo — on your own terms, your own way. Save up and force yourself to take time off to fulfill this dream.

9Try a fashion trend you don’t think you can pull off

Hey doll, step outside your comfort zone and experiment with your personal style. Fashion trends are constantly evolving, so there’s always something new to try. Like a new hue lipstick, hairstyles, to mention a few. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find. xoxo


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