Fashion is nothing in Nigeria without Ankara

Fashion is nothing in Nigeria without Ankara
Fashion is nothing in Nigeria without Ankara

Fashion is nothing in Nigeria without Ankara

Hey Trensty dolls, trust you are enjoying your weekend! Ok, so of late there has being a surge in the Ankara Kingdom, thanks to some of our government officials who have lauded the #madeinnigeria vision. Our fashion designers/entrepreneur have revolutionize our African prints particularly the Ankara fabric which has become a must have for every woman wardrobe regardless of class and age. Ever wonder why the Ankara print is a choice fabric for Nigeria women? Here are few exciting reasons.

• Affordable: The Ankara print is no doubt an affordable piece of cloth you won’t have to break a bank to buy. It comes in different brands, grades, and prices. Some of the most sought after brands are Da Viva, Avogan, Hi-Target, Excellence, Vlisco Wax. The fabrics are 100% cotton with a variety of textures. All these listed brands of Ankara are for fashion lovers.

• Easy to Wash: It is easy to wash, spin and dry. It’s a low maintenance fabric that does not your consume time doing long tortuous hours of laundry.

• Foot wears: Its one fabric you can wear on any footwear (sneakers, high heel sandals, flats, slippers, plimsolls) depending on the style your fabric is tailored anyways!

• Beautiful Pattern and Design: Ankara fabrics are in different eye popping, vibrant colours, beautiful and well blended designs associated with typical traditional African fabrics. It comes in wide range fabrics which can be tailored to individual style.

• Mix and Match: Have you seen lately how fashion designers chunk out many lovely styles by blending and mixing and matching fabrics. This is a fashion trend gaining acceptance by fashion lovers. But note that you have to be careful when trying to mix and match Ankara fabrics or even mix with other materials so you don’t get tagged and appearing on fashion police gangs for thumbs down rating.

• Accessorizing: Ok, have you noticed how the Ankara fabrics are artistically stoned? It’s incredible and exquisite, innit! Stoning of Ankara fabrics is here to stay as it brings some sparkles and taste to your outfit.

P.S. Due to the demand of these fabrics there are so many imitations in the markets. Endeavor to get a trusted dealer.

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