Five common habits to avoid in friends

    Five common habits to avoid in friends
    Five common habits to avoid in friends

    Five common habits to avoid in friends

    Remember the famous saying, ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’? Yeah, that fact is absolutely correct. So here are the thing people; like it or not, the people around us have much influence over us than we know, most especially friends. Friends could do more to determine our levels of happiness, morals and achievements in life, so the sooner we began to choose our friends, the better for us. Below are seven habits to avoid in friends, and not because you are all choosy and perfect. Nah. But because these habits could prove to influence you negatively, setting major setbacks in your life and that is definitely what you do not wish for.


    Of course, when good friends come together they have this vibe. They laugh. Talk about certain happenings around them, their relationships and goals, etc. And in this process, a bond begins to form and trust begins to creep in. But believe me, not everyone should be trusted about important details of their lives, and one way to know one type of person like this and should be avoided is the gossip. So you have this friend that tends to want to want to discuss about other people’s lives with you, every time you meet, believe me, they are not true friends and even knows what people are saying about you, then you just have to realize that if they are gossiping about others to you, then they gossip about you as well. No doubt about that.


    Another friend to do away with. Personally, greedy people scare me. I mean, if you do like self-torture, you could always go ahead with being friends with greedy people who feel they are special to be treated differently from others and most times are your friends just because of what they might get in return and not because they actually do like you for who you are. Funny thing is, they are not often there for you when you need them, but then suddenly, out of the blue, they call you up suddenly seeking your help in assistance. Now we do not need a soothsayer to tell us that this kind of people should be kept at arm’s length. I mean trying to be really good friends with them and love could just as well be a waste of time. Besides, since they are greed, they could always harm you at the expense of their own happiness.


    You know, let us face facts, gambling is a problem, and there are times when I hear phrases like, ‘responsible gambling’ and I am like ‘wow, really’? Having a gambling friend could just be harmful to our assets. I mean, sure there could be winning times for them, but how about when they lose and they need some money? Of course, you are the friend and you are expected to help, therefore probably leading to wasting of money, and how about if you do not help? You know, the betting friend could do anything to get out of trouble even if it means stealing your money. Another effect of having a gambling friend is the fact that they could always rub off on you. “Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are right”?


    Grandstanders are also known as attention seekers. Okay, being friends with these set of people could just be really draining, with their dramas and stunts they pull and just about anything they do just to get noticed. Attention seekers often times make friends just to have an audience to compliment them on what they do and how they live their lives. They also do things sometimes just to get an applause, therefore an audience is always imperative. They can also be very fickle and could change friends repeatedly, all depending on how much attention they receive. It has to be always all about them and never you.


    Yeah, very important point if you ask me. Friends that know God and love Him would love you, believe me, people. I mean, we all need friends that pray for us and wish us well. Those who would appreciate us, our being and existence. Now we know we are not perfect and to be honest, life is not fair, so we need friends of values, morals and discipline to help and assist us. So the godless friend is just out of it.
    One thing is this, we do not necessarily need to have a million of friends around us. A few true ones might as well just be better than a million fake ones. One good egg is better than a crate of bad eggs.


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