Five reasons you have dandruff and lasting cure

Five reasons you have dandruff and lasting cure
Five reasons you have dandruff and lasting cure

Five reasons you have dandruff and lasting cure

Ladies and, it is no news that we battle with some hair problems from time to time and one of these annoying monsters (to me it is a nightmare. No kidding!!) is almighty dandruff. Well, some people are lucky enough not to have dandruff, while some of the rest of us? Well, you know the rest. The battle with those white flakes in our hair that could be sometimes so itchy and irritating, yeah the struggle is real. So the thing is there are actually various reasons why dandruff come and it is actually better to know where the problem comes from and how to deal with it. Here are seven causes of dandruff.

1. DRY SCALP: So this is one cause of dandruff. When your scalp is dry it could lead to dandruff due to lack of enough oil. So if you do have dandruff this is one cause to consider.

CURE: If you do have a dry scalp, you should consider applying some hair moisturizer to your scalp from time to time.

2. DIRTY SCALP: A dirty scalp could always lead to dandruff troubles. Let me explain how. The accumulation of dirt on the scalp could lead to dead skin cells and when eventually these cells would begin to shed and would lead to dandruff troubles.

CURE: Wash your hair more often with shampoos. Avoid much accumulation of dirt on your hair so you could be assured with a dandruff free scalp. And do make sure to rinse your hair well enough, after shampooing.

3. OVER-USE OF PRODUCTS: Believe me an excess use of styling of products could lead to dandruff. Let me explain. Not only does dandruff come by dirt as applied in number 2, but also when there is excess oil in the scalp. And let us face the truth, an over-use of hair styling products would lead to an excess of oil in the scalp/hair.

CURE: So if you do have dandruff and you know you use lots of oily hair products, there is a possibility that this could be the cause and it is advisable to cut down on them.

4. SKIN DISEASES: For people who have skin diseases, especially eczema, there is every possibility that dandruff would just come with the package. So If you have dandruff and you as well have eczema, there could just be a relation.

CURE: Treat your eczema. There are many products that cure eczema out there. It is advisable to consult a dermatologist on what product would be suitable for your skin type.

5. EATING HABITS: Bad diets could result in having dandruff. The thing is that some kinds of food can induce dandruff; especially foods with excess oil. So it is advisable to cut down on the oil consumption.

CURE: Load up on more vitamin B rich foods like oatmeal, rice, eggs, and bananas. Avoid intake of excess oily foods that could cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil thereby enhancing every possibility of dandruff. Also avoid excess intake of yeast as well. Just make sure to have a balanced diet.


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