Four must-have clothing pieces for every party loving Nigerian woman

Four must-have clothing pieces for every party loving Nigerian woman
Four must-have clothing pieces for every party loving Nigerian woman

Four must-have clothing pieces for every party loving Nigerian woman

You know, as African women, we are lucky to have various attires that stem from the influence of our Indigenous culture and there are just some clothes that our closets should not do without you know?
Below are four pieces of clothing that should be owned by every average Nigerian woman.

Yay! Of course, it is the famous headgear popularly
known as gele among Nigerians. This piece of clothing has somehow managed to withstand the test of time since around the 1700s without any form of decline, and it is obvious that this
very unique and alluring piece of clothing is here to stay. The gele head wrap is made of different colours of fabrics that could be stiff or flexible, and it could be tied and formed into
specific shapes, all depending on varying choices or occasions as the case may be. It is associated with traditional moments and it is often worn by brides, but not necessarily so. The
mode of forming geles has been modernized from time to time and this transition has proved to
be provoked positive reactions from all overs of gele. I absolutely see no reason why this piece of attire should not belong in that closet.

Yup! We own that. Our very own beautiful fabric
prints that come in varying colours ranging from dark shades to light ones, (you name it), popularly referred to as ‘ankara’ that comes with its own versatility. One thing (amongst others)
that I love about the ankara material due to its flexible nature. You know, unike the gele which could
have certain restrictions to certain events, the Ankara just comes with its own kind of freestyle.
With just the right kind of sewing and the perfect, unique sense of style, believe me, we are more than good to go. It could be sewn into different kind of attires ranging from trousers,
skirts, gowns, etc. Now I cannot fathom any reason as to why this should be absent from that.

The famous lace material; another unique piece of clothing that has been identified with Nigerians in the unique native way. The lace is a delicate fabric made of yarn or thread, ranging from different colours. It has been identified with the Yorubas mostly but has been appreciated by all and it still is. And like the Ankara, it has its own versatility too and can be sewn into any type of style. Another must-have for the Nigerian women if you ask me.

Also known as a costume by some people. Our Nigerian beads come in different and loooooots of colours. So these beads can often be worn to occasions as weddings, burials, etc. It can also be well suited with the bride on her traditional marriage day. But hey, not strictly for brides. Anyone can own them. I mean, they usually help highlight the attire worn and even the skin colour of whoever wears them. Beads come in different styles. They could be modest or not, depending on choices and of course occasions. Now, why shouldn’t we own this particular piece?


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