Horoscope Today – 16 February 2017

Horoscope Today - 19 February 2017
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Horoscope Today – 16 February 2017


It won’t be a boring day. Startling, for sure — shocking, maybe. But definitely not boring, humdrum or run-of-the-mill. Your first surprise will likely arrive via either a coworker or someone else you see on a daily basis. Either way, they won’t be acting even remotely close to the way they usually do. Of course, you being you, you’ll enjoy the change — and encourage it. Hey, it’s your job to be a sparkplug. Might as well have fun with it.



For the past couple of weeks, you’ve been thinking that you might have a secret admirer, and you’re absolutely right. Your mystery suitor will let those feelings slip today, in a very minor way — so minor, in fact, that if you weren’t as sharp as you are, and if you didn’t pay attention as well as you do, you might not notice it. As it is, you’ll need to decide whether to ignore the slip, or have some fun — which, of course, depends on your relationship situation.



If it’s not at all what you should be doing — and especially if it will aggravate an authority figure who you personally love to aggravate — well, needless to say, you’re probably on your way to doing it right now. That’s if you’re not already knee-deep in whatever mischievous project you’ve cooked up. Just be sure you’re not indulging in these antics only to avoid broaching an important emotional issue.



Your dear ones had no idea this was coming — what just tumbled out of your mouth, that is. Before you continue along the path you’ve started, you might want to warn them that they’d better sit down. You know that you’re really just getting started. This has been coming for a long time, so it might be a while before it’s over. Oh, well. It’s nice to shake things up every now and then, yes? Sure it is!



You’ve had it with this financial roller-coaster ride, but you’re not exactly sure what you should do about it. The best thing you can think of is to do something that’s completely and totally startling, something that will stop the ride in its tracks — like regaining control of the plastic for all joint accounts, for example, with no warning whatsoever. Hey, desperate people do desperate things.



There’s a difference — a big one — between being understanding and being naive. If you feel that someone out there has been doing their best to work you, don’t take it for a single second longer. Put your foot down and announce that the game has officially come to an end. You’ve gone out of your way to do everything you could for all the people around you. If that generosity hasn’t come back to you, call a time-out. Enough is enough.



You definitely need time to devote to your work, there’s no doubt about it. You could even end up doing some unexpected overtime for the next day or so, thanks to someone else’s willingness to blow off their own workload. You’re also feeling the longing — and it’s a strong one — to be alone, even if it’s just for a little while. Well, that’s what evenings are all about. You may have to wait until later in the week to get the solo time you crave, but it’s on its way.



If anyone can deal with tough times, it’s you. So when a dear one mentions a last-minute problem that’s really got them floored, you’ll do for them what you’d do for yourself under similar circumstances: You’ll help them come up with possible solutions, and remind them that the unexpected detour around an obstacle often turns out to be better than the original path itself.



It’s not usually tough to get along with you. To dear ones, you’re downright predictable — not in a bad way, but because you’re so grounded, stable and solid. Those traits won’t apply to you now, though, so get ready to shake things up. Once you open your mouth, you’ll be anything but predictable. It’s kind of nice to surprise the crowd every now and then, though, isn’t it?



This is fine astrological weather to be you. The unpredictability you relish is everywhere. You’re starting to seem almost ‘normal.’ Of course, once the times become so startling that you seem ordinary, it’s clearly time to shake things up. So you’d better get busy. This obviously just won’t do.



When it comes to relationships, you’ll be anything but predictable now. In fact, if there’s a different, unusual way to do it — if there’s any way to push the envelope, just a touch, to see how much your loved ones are willing to put up with — you’ll find it. Don’t make a habit of this, because they might not put up with it permanently. For now, though, it’s kind of exciting. Not that they’d admit it.


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