Horoscope Today – 17 February 2017



Your energy level will continue to lag today, and it might be high time for you to think about what else you can do to take better care of your physical self. You can do something healthy to get fit that is actually fun, you know! Think about the types of activities you like to do — walking, hiking, biking or skating — and just do them more often. The hardest part is just getting started, and the stars say that today is the perfect day to do just that.


It’s all about fun today — finding it, making it, and stretching it out for as long as you possibly can. If you are in the middle of a romance, the two of you should take some time today to go off on a little adventure. Hunt down an out-of-the-way place where you can pretend you’re on your first date all over again. And if you’re single, the fun should be easy to come by — all you need to do is grab your wildest friend and find out what they have in mind!


Don’t feel guilty if you’re having a hard time communicating with your family right now. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt, and the people who know you the best are also the people who bug you the most. Just give yourself some distance from the relatives who are getting on your nerves. You need to keep yourself from saying something or doing something that could hurt their feelings. It’s okay to need a break from the ties that bind every once in a while!


You’re relating better to other people right now, and some problems you’ve recently had with friends are fading away. When your communication is this good, you should enjoy it! So try to set aside time to socialize today. Meet a friend for a long lunch if you can, plan a dinner date with your sweetie, or just stop by a friend’s house on the way home from work. Everyone has a lot to talk about right now, and it’s always good to share ideas with like-minded people.


A range of tempting treats (food and other things) will be dangled in front of you today. But before you reach right out and grab whatever seems appealing, pause to think. This is not a day to be impulsive and act on your every whim: it is a day to be a little bit more thoughtful — a little bit more conservative than you usually are. Map out your course of action. Things will go smoothly if you have a good plan, so be patient. A golden opportunity is coming.


Seek out stimulation today! Luckily, it will be easy to find — simply go out and explore new experiences, different cultures, unusual music, exotic foods or foreign films. Spend time with things that don’t quite make sense to you — and before the end of the day, these things will start to make a lot of sense. This includes the people in your life whose motivations are mysteries to you. Find out what makes them tick by asking open-ended questions and challenging them on a point or two.


You are in the midst of something very exciting, but there is some missing information that you need to uncover before you can go on to the next step with confidence. To find out what you need to know, seek out impartial voices right away — they will help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by extraneous details or secondhand gossip. Too much information is not a good thing right now, and you need someone who will help you sort through it all.


Trusting other people has helped you to foster your relationships and grow as a person, but today you should play your cards a bit closer to your chest than you usually do. Circumstances beyond your control might create conditions that are conducive to loose lips — and you don’t want any private information getting into the wrong hands. Any type of information that you want to keep confidential needs to stay a secret right now. Keep quiet if you expect others to do the same.


For the best results, keep to a steady pace today. If you have more free time in the afternoon than you have in the morning, don’t put off all your errands until tonight. Instead, scatter them throughout your day. And if your morning schedule is wide open, you should avoid rushing ahead on things that need to be taken slowly. All the details need to be covered before you can go full steam ahead. Timing is important today, so don’t let either impatience or procrastination guide you.


Any impulse buys you make on credit today could end up draining your bank account of much-needed funds, so save the shopping until you’re feeling more flush and can pay with cash. It’s wise to take your time in any buying situation — after all, what’s the big rush? Make sure that you’ve done all your research before making any purchase, especially when it comes to big-ticket items like automobiles, computers or television sets. A new gadget can be seductive but not worth its price.


It doesn’t take a lot of energy for you to see things that other people aren’t seeing today. You can look beneath the surface of what people are doing with one quick glance. You can see that someone’s smile is a false front, and that their happy-go-lucky attitude is just an act. If you feel like it, reach out to them and let them know that you can tell something is up with them. Let them know that you’re there for them when they need to talk — because soon they will.


If someone asks you a question that stumps you, tell them that you’ll figure it out later. Your brain is working fine, but it is working a bit slowly today — so you might need to ask for more time than you usually need to complete certain tasks. Your brain power ebbs and flows just like your energy level. There’s no miracle food or exercise that will help get the synapses firing faster — it’s just a normal, temporary slowdown that shouldn’t cause you any real problems. Try not to let it bug you.



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