How to care for your braided wigs without stress

How to care for your braided wigs without stress
How to care for your braided wigs without stress

How to care for your braided wigs without stress

Ladies, it is absolutely no news that the braided lace wig turned out to really be a great fashion trend this period and many of us cannot seem to get enough of this little wonder. I mean, when you feel like you want to have the braided hair look you do not necessarily have to go sit in the salon for hours. All you have to do is buy it and wear with little or no stress. Linda is a fashion enterprenuer and her brand is quite popular on the gram. She regularly wears her braid wig beautifully to her fans admiration.Sure there are lots of people who get these babies but many do not really know how to care for them. So why don’t we just look at some ways to keep these babies clean and always in a good shape to be slayed in anytime, any day.

1. Always keep them in a place where they would always stretch out. Do not let it fold or squeeze. Let it straighten out so it would not look so rough and worn out easily.

2. Always oil it. Make sure not to leave it too dry. And also make sure not to leave it too oily as well. You could always use shea butter or any other oil sheen that comes to mind just to keep it looking shiny.

3. Do not forget to wash your wigs. Now when washing your wigs it is advisable to wash them with your hands so as not to undo the styles. And also use cool water. Do not wash in circles, instead wash in one direction.

4. When drying it out avoid exposure to direct heat to avoid it fraying out.

5. Never sleep with the wig on since it would leave it looking old and unkempt.

6. To ensure lasting straightness of the tip of the wig, dip it midway into a bowl of hot water every two weeks.

7. Never swim with your braided wigs on.

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