How to clean your engagement ring (dos and don’ts)

How to clean your engagement ring (dos and don’ts)
How to clean your engagement ring (dos and don’ts)

How to clean your engagement ring (dos and don’ts)

You’ve spent months, perhaps years, dreaming of the perfect engagement ring. Now that it’s a permanent fixture on your left hand, you’ll want to ensure it stays just as shiny and sparkly for many years to come. From the chemicals to avoid to where to store your ring, here are a few do’s and dont’s on how to care for your engagement sparkler.

Don’t Remove Your Ring in Public
Hand washing is a must in a public restroom but resist the temptation to remove your engagement ring while you’re lathering up. The possibility that you might leave your ring on the edge of the sink, or, worse, drop it down the drain, is too great a risk to take.

Don’t Treat Your Ring with Harsh Chemicals
“Remove your ring when cleaning or touching harsh chemicals,” explains Susan. “Bleach and other cleaning agents can dull the finish of a ring and actually harm porous colored gemstones like emeralds.” Avoid hairspray, nail polishes, cleaning polishes, and bleach, which all contain hazardous chemicals. They have the potential to cause serious damage to your ring.

Do purchase insurance

Insurance is not a first thought in this milieu, an average Nigerian has no insurance cover on none or few valuable assets. However, there are few citizens who can afford to buy an expensive wedding ring and go a step further to insure it. “Insurance is necessary to protect your financial investment in the event that something gets lost, stolen or damaged. Getting a replacement won’t be a bad idea.

Don’t Get Ring Envy
Every bride has a different idea as to what her dream engagement ring will look like. Once you have that shiny stone on your finger, don’t start comparing your ring with anyone else’s. An engagement ring is a symbol of a couple’s love and devotion, not a sign of status.

DIY at home
There are three products you can use that are likely found within the home. The first is baking soda, [because] its mild, nonabrasive consistency makes it a great choice for cleaning all manners of metals and precious stones. Simply pour a bit into the bowl and mix it with a bit of warm water to create a soft paste. Take off your ring, and use your fingers to gently rub the paste around the stone, the setting, and the band. Rinse the ring in warm water, and dry with a lint-free cloth.
Toothpaste also cleans engagement rings in a pinch. Take a bit and apply to a soft-bristled toothbrush — the nongel, chalky kind is best. You might even want to invest in a child-size brush. They have smaller heads and softer bristles that are perfect for ring cleaning. Gently scrub the ring all over the brush, rinse with warm water, and dry with a lint-free cloth.
And for an even deeper clean, simply sprinkle a bit of liquid dishwashing detergent on a toothbrush. Again, the small size and soft bristles of a child’s brush would come in handy. Add a tiny bit of warm water, scrub the stone and setting gently, and then rinse the bubbles away with warm water. Dry with a lint-free cloth. If your ring is especially grimy, let it sit in a solution of warm water and dish soap for half an hour before scrubbing.
Please note, the DIY may not be factual and the best option is to take to a jeweler who would clean it for you.

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