Ladies, read how to get dressed on a first date

Ladies, read how to get dressed on a first date
Ladies, read how to get dressed on a first date

Ladies, read how to get dressed on a first date

You know the same old story: meet that new guy, the vibes set in, begin to catch the ‘butterflies’, he asks you out on a date and you are all into trying to impress him but then the old familiar indecision creeps in, ‘What to wear’. Yeah, this is a dilemma many ladies have been going through for decades. You know, there are actually many factors to consider while contemplating on what to wear out on a first date, ranging from the weather, occasion and the place the event would take place. Here are some tips that could help choose what to wear to wherever we are going with that ‘new catch’.

1. First things first, comfort should be your first aim.

You do not want to appear uncomfortable and flustered on your first date, considering the fact that he is just getting to know you. So do not try to be who you are not. Do not attempt leaving your comfort zone, to avoid probable embarrassment in the process of trying to impress. Let those heels (if your look includes that) be just what you can handle. Be confident in you girl. Do not put on something you cannot breathe or eat comfortably in.

2. Pick a colour that is often complimented on you.

Yeah, we are ladies and we often get compliments from both sexes ranging from our choice of clothes to its colours. Besides, we all know that colour that just suits our skin and now is definitely the best time to bring these features to play.

3. It is the first date, so do not show too much skin ma’am.

Let your modesty come to play. You do not want to give the wrong impression or have him misinterpret anything. Say for instance you wear something short above the kneecap, let there be a balance with long sleeves and if you would be wearing a sleeveless or backless top, balance with a maxi skirt or long jean pants. If you would be putting on a gown, let there also be a balance. Also, avoid heavy make-up. Keep it all natural for this is the first date.

4. Now the occasion is one factor to put into consideration while contemplating on what to wear.

If you are going for a dinner date now is the time to slay in that dinner gown, or you could always go for a skirt and blouse if you do not want to wear a gown. Here are some ideas for what to wear on a dinner date.
There are also casual dates such as picnics, going to the beach or just going for coffee or lunch where we can easily pick what we can wear. In situations like this, we should try our best not to be too overdressed or under dressed. Some jean and top would do just fine with just the right amount of jewelry.

5. Another factor to consider while dressing for a date is the weather.

Pick out just what is right for the climate so you do not end up feeling too cold or sweaty, thus leading to unwanted distraction from whatever conversation you both might be involved in.

6. Lastly, go with the mindset that you got this sis. You are beautiful and there is definitely no need for being nervous.


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