See Amazing Nigerian Stylish Fashion Trends in 2017

See Amazing Nigerian Stylish Fashion Trends in 2017

See Amazing Nigerian Stylish Fashion Trends in 2017

Is it just me or does anyone else also feel like 2017 is doing a 240mph like a formular 1 race car? I mean, we only just shouted Happy New Year like yesternight but BAM! We’re in the 3rd quarter already!

Suffice to say even the fashion world isn’t left out in the “break-neck” race to the end of the year. So believe me when I tell you a lot of styles have been trending big time. In fact so much that they’re overlapping.

While some styles snuck their way into 2017, some started with the new year and many more keep popping up hither and thither.

What I’m going to do in this very article is help you play “catch up”(that’s if you’ve been the coyote while everyone else is the roadrunner). To achieve that, I have compiled what I call my: “top 5 trending styles” of the 1st half of 2017 that is. These are styles that have either been carried from late last year into the new year or they just came up, either way- they’re So trending at the moment.
Not in any particular order:

I call it “tube reinvented”. It is just perfect for the more conservative lady who feels a bit insecure in an outright tube but still wanna show off her glowing flesh. The unique thing about this style is that you can get away with it in almost any type of fabric whatsoever. So ladies, if you’re still pondering on what to sew with that new fabric you got; just give it a “Cold Shoulder”

Have you noticed any zebras on two legs lately? I’m not talking “Madagascar”,
I mean zebras in stilettoes. While different coloured striped fabrics are fast becoming trendy; black and white are leading the pack. Unlike adidas’ thin stripes on the sides, ladies seem to be replacing polka dots outfit with full striped patterns. I particularly like them in jumpsuits!(jumpsuits BTW didn’t make this list)

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… Then enters Sneakers and Plimsolls to the scene. They are fast becoming the choice footwear for ladies on almost “all outfits”. Who would imagine a day will come when ladies will trade “looking sexy” and “the catwalk” for comfort? It is undeniable that this footwear is absolutely comfy and rugged, hence the new craze.
I’ve seen it worn with jeans, skirts, casual dresses, bum-shorts, even jumpsuits! While I’m yet see it worn with traditional native attire and formal suits, believe it or not: I’ve seen worn with a wedding dress!

At first, I thought I was seeing Julia Roberts in “The Runaway Bride” all over again but alas, it was real as real gets.

I really do not know if this new trend of wearing the natural/virgin hair has anything to do with the recession going on(I mean with the cost of shampoo, relaxer, weave-on and even wigs tripling for some time now), even girls are not smiling. I daresay it’s one of the ingenious ways of saving in these times because no matter how it is combed or styled, it looks beautiful on almost anyone…

Admittedly, they’ve been around since forever but even those who never took a liking to wearing sunglasses are seen everywhere spotting either a “cat’s-eye-shaped”, a pair of Aviators or a colourful pair these days, reason- “the sun wey dey out now ehen? E no geh part two! (rough translation- it’s really hot nowadays).
So even the weather has compelled people to become stylish.

Can we now say Ankara is the new Nigerian Jollof Rice? The love for it has been unprecedented. It comes in different designs, patterns and quality. The love for Ankara by stylish Nigerian ladies as revolutionalizes the clothing and textile industry. The creativity of fashion designers has made the fabric a delight and first choice of all class of women.

Mid-length afro, a pair of Aviators, black/white striped Cold/Off Shoulder blouse, skin-tight faded sky blue jeans and… yeah, you guessed it; a pair of Sneakers or Plimsolls!

Guest Writer: IG @segunsofodu

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