See tips to consider before flash sale shopping

See tips to consider before flash sale shopping
See tips to consider before flash sale shopping

See tips to consider before flash sale shopping

Whether we like it or not 2017 is fast coming to an end and many businesses especially those in the fashion and lifestyle industry would be having a pop up sales to close the year. This includes selling off old stock in order to bring new designs on board by getting two for the price of one or getting the best mouth-watering discounts.
While you we wait for this big discount sale all around the metropolis we do share with you some few tips you should not miss on.

Flash Sale Shopping Tips
1. Understand what you are buying – Flash sale websites are liquidating retail goods that are; customer returns, overstock, end of life or refurbished items. Ultimately, you’re buying items that did not sell or were returned the first time around.

2. Compare shop prices – Just because an item is on a flash sale does not necessarily mean it’s a good deal. Before you hit that buy now button make sure to do a little comparison shopping using google to compare or find out for competitive price. This will help you determine if you are truly saving a little to get the item.

3. Cart items quickly when sales start – The best items in a flash sale are typically gone within minutes or the first hour if the sale is popular. If you are keen to get an item in a flash sale make sure to cart it immediately when the sale starts. A flash sale site will let you “reserve’ the item (and size) in your cart for up to 15 minutes before releasing the inventory for sale again. Flash sales sites tend to offer their new deals at a set time each day. Pro tip: Sign up for a flash sale site’s newsletter to find out about upcoming sales and then mark them on your calendar software with a notification to alert you so you don’t show up late.

4. Check shipping policies closely – In some cases, it can take upwards of 4 – 6 weeks for products to arrive from a flash sale website. If you’re buying as a gift make sure to order a month or 2 before the big date to ensure the gift arrives on time. In general, sites charge a flat rate for shipping and many offer a flat one time rate than free shipping for 30 days following the one-time shipping payment.

5. Returns can be tricky – Make sure you check the return policies of the deal website before making a purchase. Also, check the individual item’s “return policy’ area on the product listing page as well to find out whether it’s returnable or final sale. Typically, items are returnable for store credit minus a return shipping fee. However, these policies vary widely from each flash sale site.


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