Seven tricks on how to make your manicure last long

Seven tricks on how to make your manicure last long
Seven tricks on how to make your manicure last long

Seven tricks on how to make your manicure last long

Of course, those who are in love with the world of manicures know just how annoying it could be to see that painted nail of just a week ago or so begin to chip off. Though being involved in certain activities around the house could just contribute to its lack of durability, there are some ways one could go about evading is early chipping.

1. APPLYING POLISH REMOVER: Before applying our polish, it is advisable and imperative that a nail polish remover is applied to our nails, so as to eradicate any oil that might be present since oily nails could lead to our polish chipping early. Or better still, soaking our nails in vinegar and water mixture before applying the nail polish is another alternative.

2. SHAKING THE POLISH: Okay, so most of us make this one mistake before applying our nail polish. We tend to shake the nail polish up and down before using it and this is absolutely wrong. Before use, the nail polish should rather be rather be rolled between our hands continuously to eradicate air bubbles, because when a nail polish with air bubbles is applied to our nail, believe me, sis, it would not last for long, for they will chip faster. And since shaking the nail polish brings air bubbles too, do not do it.

3. BLOWING HOT AIR: Blowing hot air from our mouth to our freshly painted nail in a haste to make it dry up is wrong. Hot air on our nail polish could lead to it chipping off early. The best alternative is cool air, either from a fan or natural air. Cool air helps to make our manicure last longer.

4. POLISH ON THE CUTICLE: Okay, I could say this is an honest mistake since almost everyone makes this one. While painting our nails, we should try as much as possible to consider the fact it is skin. And while chipping off, it would lift the polish from the nail, thus leading to early chipping. One way to avoid applying on the cuticle is pushing it back before the painting process.

5. THE TOPCOAT: The topcoat is our friend and many people underestimate its power. After applying our nail polish, we should not wait too long to apply the topcoat. There should be a two-minute interval between the two. Another way to make our manicure last longer is to apply the top coat every two to three days.

6. KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY: It is advisable to use the same brands of products. Same nail polish and topcoat, and whatever else might be needed, considering the fact that applying different brands might not go down well.

7. DISHES AND GLOVES: Like I said before, activities we involve in could lead to our manicure chipping off early. One particular activity is doing the dishes and since we cannot avoid this chore, we could always wear gloves to avoid early chipping. Thus, we can rest assured that our manis could last longer than usual.


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